Post On Craigslist Without Being Ghosted or Flagged.

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Tired of getting flagged or ghosted on craigslist?  Mike Hobbs Video shows how to place Ads on Craigslist without being Flagged or ghosted.

It was a Long search:

When it came Time for me to search for a good video on Craigslist to share.  I sort of came up short.  Most what I could find is marketers selling either software or their super secret technique on Craigslist Posting.

Craigslist Is King:

Craigslist get billions of views, and is a great classified site to utilize for lead generation for MLM and affliate marketing.  Craigslist frowns upon Multi Level Marketing( MLM) and has Flaggers ghosting any ads that dose not conform to their terms of service.

You Will Never Know What Hit You:

The main problem with being Ghosted on Craigslist is you will not know you have been ghosted. They do not notify you,  And you think your ad is up because you can see it, But nobody else can!

I searched for hours to find a Craigslist video that wasn’t such a hard sell.  Then I remembered viewing a really good video on Craigslist posting techniques.

John Lindsey,  A Internet marketing friend of mine, supplied me with a video from Mike Hobbs.  This is just the content I was looking for to share with my Home Based Business followers.  Now that is what I call Networking!

Enjoy this great video on posting within Craigslist without being flagged or ghosted.  It took some digging to find one!




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